Water-based two-component screen printable hotmelt adhesive

Area of Application:
AquaPress® CA is designed for screen printing on PVC films, PC films such as Makrofol® and PC-Blends such as Bayfol®. AquaPress® CA bonds the films during the lamination process.


AquaPress® CA can be back molded with the following plastic resins (IMD/FIM-process):
Polycarbonate, e.g. Makrolon® 2405
PC/ABS Blends, e.g. Bayblend® T 65
ABS, e.g. Novodur® P2H-AT

Characteristics AquaPress® CA offers:
excellent adhesion to many plastic surfaces high flexibility and good forming properties good lamination properties and therefore good peel strength

Polycarbonate (PC)


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